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Valentina Nervi is a young woman who loves the night. She set out to design – for herself and her ideal women – a collection of clothes that make you feel gorgeous, free to live out those hours beneath the stars and moon. To the break of day. Taking her cue from the divas of the 1970s and ’80s – from Jane Forth to Loulou de la Falaise, from Diana Ross to Donna Jordan – Valentina Nervi created a brand of eveningwear with glamorous and contemporary allure. To be worn with supreme nonchalance on the red carpet or at an afterparty.

Formerly head of style for big-name brands, specialized in evening attire, couture and underwear, Valentina is also a DJ and a “dedicated follower of music”. Like fashion, it’s a passion she cultivates with innate enthusiasm. Music is a vital element in Nervi. Rome-born Valentina is also a globetrotter. After working in Barcelona and Florence, today she calls Milano home. She’s been a fashion devotee ever since she was a little girl, a fan of haute de gamme creations thanks to the teachings of her two grandmothers: one, a fashion editor at Elle in its early days, conveyed to Valentina a sense of style, suggesting the most à-lapage, unusual and chic combinations; the other instilled a love for things handmade, custom-made. The search for detail, for superior fabrics, for the sparkle, becomes a wonderful obsession.

To these foundations would be grafted fundamental professional experiences at leading Italian fashion houses, for whom Valentina initially designed beachwear and underwear collections, perfecting the art of lingerie construction. She went on to design evening, ceremonial and red-carpet attire, in charge of special projects for the firms she worked for. It is from this expertise that Nervi creations are born, where each garment, though it may appear as light as a veil, is created with sartorial care down to the last detail.